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Research Training

ICARE requires that all study staff members complete human subjects protection training before beginning any research projects within an Steward Health Care facility. There are several training options available, but we recommend completing the course offered through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).

If you have not taken this course within the past 12 months please follow the instructions below. Once you have completed the course, please forward a copy of your completion certification to the ICARE office at the Steward corporate headquarters. If you have previously completed the CITI training program, or any other human subjects protection training, please forward a copy of the completion documentation to the ICARE office. The documentation will be kept on file for 12 months.

Please remember that this training is required for IRB approval as well as ICARE approval of all clinical trials.

Directions for Logging on to CITI

You may want to print this screen for reference before navigating to the CITI website. If you are new to CITI follow instructions from Step #1. If you are already registered with CITI through another institution, skip to Step #2.

1) Go to CITI website

Click on the “Register” link.

Click on drop-down arrow on the right side of the box for “Participating Institutions.”

Select applicable IRB from list (WIRB, Schulman, Quorum).

Choose and enter a user name. It can be four to 20 characters, including letters, numbers and some symbols (listed on site). Your user name is not case sensitive, so ‘ABC123’ is the same as ‘abc123.’

Choose a password of eight to 12 characters.

Enter your first and last name.

Enter and verify your preferred email address.

Hit ‘Submit’ to save the information.

2) Enter member information

You should now be at a page where you can enter your member information. Complete the information; required fields are marked with a *.

Hit ‘Submit’ to complete the entry. You will be brought to a page to select your courses.

3) Select your curriculum

To meet training expectations for research you should complete the modules under

  • the appropriate Basic Course for your type of research (Biomedical, Social & Behavioral, or Data & Specimens Only) ;
  • the CITI Good Clinical Practice Course; and
  • the CITI Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) for all Researchers

Hitting ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the screen will take you to a page that confirms your group selections. To start the course, select the link at the bottom of the page titled Learner’s Main Menu. You can return to the Learner’s Main Menu at any time by selecting the Main Menu link in the upper right hand corner.

You can leave and re-enter the course at any time by using the Main Menu selection. The modules you have completed will be saved, and you can return to where you left off.

Research Staff Training Resources

ICARE has developed several training modules specifically designed to help physicians and their staff get up to speed on clinical research and its regulatory requirements. These modules can be viewed by logging in to I-HEAL and clicking on ICARE.

ICARE Code of Conduct
Standard Operating Procedure Index
CR 1.0.0 Guidelines & Introduction
CR 1.0.1 Code of Conduct
CR 1.0.0 Principal Investigator Responsibilities
CR 1.1.1 Study Team Preparation
CR 1.1.2 IRB/IEC Approval
CR 1.2.1 Investigational Product Management
CR 1.2.2 Subject Screening and Enrollment
CR 1.2.3 Informed Consent
CR 1.2.4 Following the Research Plan
CR 1.2.5 Adverse Events
CR 1.2.6 Medical Care
CR 1.2.7 Interim Reports to the IRB/IEC
CR 1.3.1 Final Reports
CR 1.3.2 Archiving records
CR 2.0.1 Temperature Monitoring
CR 2.0.2 Equipment Maintenance
CR 2.0.3 External Inspections
CR 2.0.4 Routine Internal Audits
PI Responsibility

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