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IRB Services

Institutional Review Board oversight is an important part of the research process. ICARE requires IRB approval for all clinical research studies conducted within a Steward Health Care facility.

For convenience, Investigators may use the central IRB listed below. Use of the central IRB will make your approval process quicker and less complicated. Most Sponsors will assist physicians and study coordinators with their submissions to a central IRB; however ICARE is also available to help if needed.

ICARE consultants are available to assist with regulatory and IRB filings as needed. Just a reminder that all study documents must be approved by an IRB prior to the start of enrollment. Stamped and dated documents should be submitted to ICARE offices upon receipt.

Download the Exemption Determination Submission Form

Physicians may use the following IRB

Western Institutional Review Board

If you are considering IRB review & oversight by an IRB not listed above, please contact Heather Davis at heather.davis@steward.org or by calling  (713) 756-5685.