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Any physician within Steward Health Care is welcome to participate in clinical research. The ICARE office is here to help make the process easy and efficient. We currently offer two ways for physicians to participate in research…

Steward-Employed Physicians

The first option is for physicians who are employed by Steward Health Care and who are interested in starting a study within a Steward Health Care facility. These physicians should contact the ICARE office as soon as they know they are interested in participating in research. Physicians do not need to have a specific trial in mind before contacting ICARE. ICARE professionals can help identify potential studies among our available Trial Opportunities. ICARE professionals are always available to help navigate the site selection and contract negotiation processes. Consultants also are on hand to help address any regulatory or operational issues that may arise during the course of study start-up, including completion of regulatory documents, IRB submissions, and coordination of ancillary services. View a visual map of the trial process for employed physicians

Non-Steward-Employed Physicians

The second option is for non-employed physicians interested in conducting all or part of their study at a Steward Health Care facility. ICARE professionals will assist in the establishment of a procedure-based budget and service agreement to fit both sponsor and investigator needs. ICARE will also help coordinate protocol procedures and staff training within the Steward Health Care facility in order to guarantee that the trial runs as smoothly as possible. View a visual map of the trial process for non-employed physicians.

Costs & Fees

Service agreements may be subject to a $2,000 start-up fee to cover the cost of trial administration and Facility Use Agreements are subject to a $500 processing fee. Others fees may apply. Please contact ICARE for additional information.

Required Training

Prior to starting their first study, all study staff are required to complete the CITI course training on human subject protection or ICARE training modules detailed on the Research Training page.

For more information, please contact us.